Our chicken population has tripled from 5 birds to 15 now.  We got 10 more poullets in April (Rhode Island Reds) and they started laying in mid-May.They enjoy very fine accomodations: a solar heated, insulated bedroom and a sun porch with clear polycarbonate plastic glazing to keep out the snow and rain.  We plan on giving them 3 rotating pastures pens where they can hunt insects and graze on clover thus producing eggs with very high omega-3 fatty acids and low cholesterol. We’ll sell the eggs at $3.00 a dozen.

     Our orchard survival the coldest winter night in 10 years -13F degrees, and the bloom was good in our apples,pears, and plums.  We also have 2 apricot trees which bloom the earliest of all but still managed to set fruit.  The strawberries look good.  We planted an extra 100 foot row this year as we never seem to have enough. 

     The greenhouse had a bout with a mystery fungus that set back our tomatoes and cukes and transplants, but have recovered and it looks to be a good year but maybe a bit late.

    Our CSA is full and we hope the Farmers’ Markets in Bernardston and Northfield will be popular.

                                                                                       Happy and Healthy Eating,

                                                                                       Ervin and Gloria